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CadeVPN Internet Security.

Starting at $12.95 per month
  • Works On Modern Digital Devices
  • Installation Is A Breeze
  • Security And Content Unlocking Features
  • Get support 24/7 from a team of professionals who will always look out for you

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Our Benefits

Two Is Greater Than One

Why settle for a single layer of protection when you can get two!

Sensational Server Performance

We have a 1 Gbps network powering our servers, which ensures you will never run into speed or latency issues.

Stress Free!

Get access to a faster setup process on every device.

Logs? Not With Us!

Other companies may keep logs of your online activity, but it is not our policy. We have a strict rule that means we keep zero customer logs.

Turn It Off Automatically

Our system automatically detects any disruption in your VPN connection and terminates your internet connection in seconds.

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Don’t settle for less, be fortified with a CadeVPN

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